Has anyone else consider "accessorizing" their Surface Pro 2 with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (or the rumored Note 4)? Since I don't believe MicroKia (hey, it's better than NoSoft) will ever bring a pen to the Windows Phone camp, and doubt that Samsung will help them out with a Surface Note, this may be the best solution to the missing pen silo in the Surface Pro camp. Hear me out...

I'm an iPhone lifer - stood in line seven years ago for that original slab of magic, and have owned the 3, 3GS, 4 and now 5. Unlike a lot of Windows users, I REALLY like iTunes. But the refusal of Apple to really improve iOS (please, I know Sir Jonny is a knight, or something), but this pale washed out interface based upon the same stagnant row x column set of icon controls, is REALLY GETTING LAME...so Jaws is on the prowl for another alternative.

I'm settling in pretty well with the one computing device solution - even at 10.6" and a little on the chubby side, to paraphrase Queen "I have it all, I have it all, and I have it now!", well except sometimes without my pen. It gets left on my desk; falls off in the bag; rolls under the couch - if you've got an SPro or SPro 2 you know what I mean. There ain't no stinkin' silo for the pen...hmmmmmmm...Note 3 uses the S-Pen which works great on an SPro 2. So right away I have my "silo" in a device that will ALWAYS be in my pocket. Yes, it is HUGE and ugly compared to my stunning metal and glass work of art, but it is thin, it fits in the pocket fine, and it has WACOM in a silo! Score one for GN3...Widgets...score two for GN3...HUGE SCREEN...score 3 for my old eyes!

Rumor has it that we will see Office for Android this year, and even if it doesn't support ink in OneNote (hint hint to Microsoft - get with the program and support INK EVERYWHERE), it will be a much better solution than QuickOffice for us Office slaves. With the exception of my iOS specific reference works, most everything I need on my iPhone can be had on the GN3, AND I can carry a spare battery - SWEET.

And behold one of the concept designs for the Galaxy Note 4:

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I know, you're thinking "wait till he sees Surface Mini or the ThinkPad 10, and off he'll go again" but do I still really want to juggle three devices (computer, tablet, phone) or should the consolidation continue? I have to say, for much of what I would use a tablet for - reading, email, surfing, I believe the GN3-4 large screen will do, and of course I am right because even Apple will soon be joining the 5" plus crowd.

So what do you think mates...