Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great News - Surface Pro 3 - And a WARNING


You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!

Apple can be evil - if you have ever used iMessage on your iPhone, and then you want to move on to Android or Windows Phone, woe be on to will spend an eternity trying to get your texts from other users who have iPhones and have been texting with them before the switch. I gave up on the Galaxy Note 3, and back to the iPhone, just for text sanity. Trust me, this is a real problem - all of the store personnel know about it but are powerless, and Apple is being sued over it. There are numerous solutions on the web, but they don't always work . My advice, well before your next upgrade, if you are trying to leave Apple, start at least a few months in advance: turn off iMessage on your iPhone, tell your friends to delete your conversations, have them delete your contact info from their iPhone, put you back in their contacts, and start trading texts as SMS (oh, by the way, if they send you a text, and it still appears as blue on their screen, tell them to hold it until it turns green, then re-send by SMS).
GOOD NEWS - Surface Pro 3 Was Announced Before My 30 Days Ran Out!
Witness the best looking tablet on the planet (and I'll wager best ultrabook ever):
Courtesy Microsoft Store
I've still been having daisy chaining problems with my Surface Pro 2, and Microsoft hasn't been able to stabilize it, and with the announcement yesterday of the Surface Pro 3, I called, they took it back, and the i5/256GB model will be shipping to my house on June 20. I truly believe Microsoft has slayed it by making a true tablet that CAN replace your laptop. Thanks to its 3:2 12" screen, it also looks like the BEST magazine/book reader, annotator, and note taking device going.
Do yourselves a favor, and watch the full Microsoft event; it is worth the time:

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Yes, the SP3 seems right on so many account, but using it as a "table" is maybe pushing it a bit...